Get a Lifetime GBG Membreship and All Access Pass for $57 Only. Forever.

Get a Lifetime GBG Membership and All Access Pass for $57 Only. Forever.

GBG Lifetime membership gives you instant access to hundreds of photo backgrounds, Photoshop overlays, Photoshop brushes, clip-art illustrations, vector graphics, illustrations, stock-photos and more…

Low cost, one time in a life subscription.


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Hey there! This is Silvia speaking. I am the owner and the artist behind everything on GreenBulbGang.Com web site.

I know what you’re thinking right now: “So, why did you call it ‘GreenBulbGang’ if you’re the only person behind it?”

Well, I may be the one who created all these designs, backgrounds, overlays, Photoshop brushes, photos, etc .. . throughout the last 10 (or so) years, but once you get your lifetime access to everything on GBG, you will become a GBG member too, isn’t it? 😀 And, you will get all new stuff that I put here also – for free. Forever. OK. Not forever, but for a lifetime!

Also, I’m not the only person behind it. There is at least one more. (Not counting my cats who give me support by standing between me and the monitor as I work.) Finally, I have this idea that once this site will become also some kind of a social web site where designers would meet and exchange/sell their work so I hope to see this site expanding. We are btw. working for some 10 years already.

OK. So, what can you expect to get for the lifetime membership? As the subject hints – everything from GBG. All that is available here now and all that I will be adding in the future. You will get your account, download what you need when you need it and all new designs, backgrounds, Photoshop brushes, photos … all that I will be adding in the future will be yours as well.

So, what does this mean – in numbers? This membership will get you full access to a massive library of various design elements which you can then freely use in your commercial projects.

Gold and Glitter Crystal Clip Art, Set of 64 Transparent PNG files
Stars Photo Overlays, set of 18HiRes JPG Files
Glitter Dust Overlays, Yellow Glitter Dust Photoshop Overlays, Bokeh Overlays
Watercolor Snowflakes Clip Art Set
Watercolor Shapes Clip Art Pack
Gold Glitter Circle Frames with Watercolor Floral Clip Art
Pink Watercolor Strokes with Gold Clip Art, transparent PNG, 30 shapes
Real Snow Photo Overlays
Floral Clip Art
Cute Labels Set
Mason Jars Set
Gold and Yellow Bokeh Overlays with Sparkles and Dust

All of these are in high-resolution and include unlimited commercial use license.

I don’t know what else to say. I’ve never been a good salesman, but I know that $57 is a bargain for this variety of design goodies offered here. In addition, unlike various web sites where they sell gazillion of design elements from unnamed artists for pennies, on GBG you know exactly who did it.

If you run into any kind of problems using the downloads, I will be here to help you. And all new stuff I will be adding here in the future will be automatically be available to you as a free download.

So, that’s it. If you are ready to give GBG Lifetime Membership a try: 


Q: If I buy a lifetime GBG Membership access and you die, will my stuff still be available for download?

A: Yes. Lifetime, in this context, means your lifetime – not mine. So, if I die first, the site will continue to exist (I will make sure of this) and you will still be able to download everything from it. However, it may be hard for me to create new stuff and make it available on GBG but we are also working on a solution to that challenge.

Q: If I buy a lifetime GBG Membership and then realize that that this is not really what I wanted, do I get my money back.

A: Well, this is exactly why we made a preview for every product on GBG. Please make sure that you like what you see. We also made sure to make technical specifications as detailed as possible. All with a goal to avoid disappointment on your side. Also, all of these are in high resolutions. If you need even higher resolution, I will make it for you. If you still, for some other reason, decide you don’t want it, you can get your money back. Within 30 days. With questions asked 🙂 And you’ll have to swear you won’t use the stuff you downloaded in the meantime.

There will be more Q&A’s in he future as I get inspiration for more. All suggestions are welcome.